What is E-Bike?

E-Bike is an innovation. A electric vehicle which runs on electric power stored in battery, which in one charge giving a mileage of around 50  kms. at a max. speed of  25kms/hrs.



Why electric vehicle?

Due to increase in the consumption of fuel, the entire world will be facing shortage of fuel,  the  only option  is  to switch over to a alternate  [energy]  drive  source. E-Bike is the answer.


Armaax Auto   introduced 240, 400 & 850 Watts E-Bike which consumes 1 to 1.5 unit of electricity to recharge the batteries. Once fully charged, it gives you a mileage of around 100 Kms.

How to recharge the battery?

It is as simple as recharging a mobile cell phone. Connect the charger to the battery and the charger to a three pin domestic electric points & switch on the electricity and the battery starts getting charged. The charger automatically disconnects after the battery is fully charged, displaying green Led.



What about after sales service?

Committed dealer network is setup to give full fledge service to the customer, however it is a maintenance free E-bike.



What is the life of the battery? Where are they available?

Battery can be charged for 300 times, it gives mileage of around 30,000 km during its life tenure.



What about Registration formalities?

Armaax Auto E-Bikes are exempted from registration by regulatory Authority, as its specification comply with the ARAI norms.


Gearless & Aerodynamic Shape
Travels 100 to 110 Kms. per charge

No Pollution
No Fuel Required
No maintenance problem

Comfortable & Easy to drive
Strong Shock Absorbers
Easy Charging